Princess Layla

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 16-014

Type of Surrender: San Antonio Animal Control Facility

Age: ~ 5 years

Weight: 59.8 lbs ( Ideal weight around 65 lbs)


Princess Layla is an ambassador for her breed. She represents all the desirable attributes that every Golden owner loves. She’s incredibly sweet, well behaved, and gorgeous with beautiful golden eyes! Layla is royalty to GRR, and is appreciative of all she’s receiving in our care. She shows that appreciation with adoring grunts, snorts, and groans in a very royal, and ladylike display. She also likes to give hugs as a welcome home appreciation.

Along with her amazingly sweet personality, Princess Layla does exceedingly well with other dogs. Although, she prefers the company of human companions. She is always the first in line to be as close as possible to her fosters. Occasionally, Layla will politely squeeze herself in between her fosters, and another dog. After all, royalty is first in line to receive adoring attention.

Of course being a member of royalty, her manners are impeccable. There is never an accident in the house, she sleeps well during the night, and she never gives her foster’s reasons for concern. She is always gentle, and well mannered.

Currently, she’s learning that fetching is fun, although she prefers to watchs others and chase them. Don’t let her slightly graying muzzle fool you, she’s fast. She will glide across the yard with ease. Speaking of energy, walks are exciting times for Layla and are a must for her. She gets so excited that she may pull on the lead a little, but she settles down quickly. She also likes to parade around the house with her favorite pink bunny, just to show off her prized possession.

Princess Layla is taking some time away from her adoring fans, to heal and rest from some skin and dental problems. Not to worry though, she will be back on her feet in no time!

If you’re interested in meeting royalty, put in an application to meet our Princess Layla.

Ideal home:

Princess Layla is currently going through some medical care for heartworm treatment, a dental, and skin infections. We will have more on her as she progresses. There is no history of Layla with children or cats, so it is unknown how she would do with them. Her personality is very gentle, and sweet, so it is probable that she would do well.

Musts for Princess Layla include lots of attention, love, a comfortable bed, and an elevated feeder for meals.

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