Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-37C

Type of Surrender: China Dog rescue

Status: Available Soon

Age: 2

Weight: 39

Peony is one of the China dogs. Click here to see the story of their rescue. Peony is a Distemper survivor resulting in some twitches. There are no other issues from the distemper and will not impact her lifespan.

Personality: In the words of Tom Petty, "She's an American Girl!!!" Peony has been in her foster home for a couple of weeks now and things are going great for our little China Doll. She's still learning about housebreaking, with fewer and fewer oopsies all the time. Although she's not crazy about it, her resistance is less everyday to the crate, where she stays when her fosters are out and at bedtime.

Peony, probably because being around people is so new and nice to her, does jump up a bit, but that, too, is a training point and she is so petite that her jumping is more like an affectionate, gentle hug.

She hasn't had much opportunity to be around other dogs while in her foster home, however she was great with other dogs while in the shelter in China”. With her limited exposure here she has seemed interested and shown no agression. Peony has taken well to the leash and is already healing. She has enjoyed being bathed and brushing her is easy.

Peony has a medium activity level, is sweet and affectionate, always being up for whatever you want to do. If her foster breaks into a jog during her walks, Peony happily joins in. She has great stamina.

Peony knows her name, comes when she is called, sits, stays off the furniture, heals and sits properly when walk stops. What more could you ask for from a young, beautiful dog who, 3 weeks ago was living in cage?. Oh, and apparently she has learned watch American TV!

Ideal Home: Peony needs a family to provide her with plenty of attention and exercise and continue her training regimine. Her forever family needs to remember that she she will be twitching in her sleep all of her life because of the distemper. (Other than the twitches, she has completely recovered.) Most of all, she needs to be loved!



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