Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-117

Type of Surrender: Stray from Gonzalez

Status: Available Late Summer

Age:12 months


This adorable little girl has had a tough life in her short 12 months. Menorah and her two siblings were brought into GRRs care in December 2019. The three dogs had mange and badly needed nutrition. After a few months in foster care their fur improved and the smiles started. The three were quickly adopted. When Menorah was adopted, GRR knew she would eventually needed surgery, on GRRs dime, when she got older for a hip issue. She was either injured or had a birth defect that could be fixed with surgery.

Menorah was adopted by a wonderful couple who had retired, bought an RV and planned to take Menorah on adventure after adventure around the country. It turns out Menorah is extremely carsick and the vet finally told them she was not a good match for their lifestyle. Menorah returned to GRR in June and was now old enough for surgery.

Menorah’s surgery was textbook perfect. She is doing great in her recovery, wants to run around the backyard and is a little annoyed she is not allowed to yet. We expect Menorah to make a full recovery and will hopefully be ready for adoption in August.

Menorah has been a perfect houseguest. She goes potty outside, ignores the cat, chews only on toys and has no interest in counter surfing. As a matter of fact, we leave the pantry door open 24/7 and she doesn’t even look to see if there is anything good to eat. Menorah is petite medium size dog, cuddles on the couch and likes to be in the same room where we are. She sleeps through the night and likes to sleep in. We have yet to hear Menorah bark but I am sure there is a bark in there somewhere.

Menorah is a mellow dog of average energy. She has had a couple of visitors since joining us. She liked the visit with the twin 7-year-olds the best. She loves to be brushed and doesn’t bat an eye when getting her nails trimmed. As long as you do not plan on any long road trips this girl is a dream and probably one of the easier foster dogs we have had the pleasure of fostering. Menorah likes being around other dogs and would do well in a home with a fur brother or sister.

 Ideal Home: Lots of belly rubs on the couch and no long road trips. Children would be a plus. Menorah must have another younger, playful dog in the home


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