Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

 GRR Number: 19-066

Type of Surrender: Grabbed by GRR from Craig’s List.

Status: Available

Age: 1.5

Weight: 49

Meet Jella, the newest brown eyed girl to come to GRR. Her owners got new jobs and a new apartment where Jella was not allowed so they needed to rehome her. Our wonderful volunteer rushed to pick up this sweet redhead.

Personality: Jella will be a year and a half old soon and weighs about 50 lbs. She loves, loves, loves people and is a gentle dog. Jella is calm around other low-key dogs too but is slowly getting used to her foster family’s more rambunctious dog.

She is doing well at her foster home and is recovering nicely from being spayed. Because of activity restriction, Jella has not been out and about much. She hasn’t done any leash walking yet because of her spay, but foster mom is anxious to get her out exploring the parks and neighborhood. She is somewhat timid but has had a lot of change and upheaval recently, but she is trusting more every day.

Ideal Home: This beautiful Golden Girl enjoys being groomed and has a gorgeous, fluffy tail like a fox. Jella will be a wonderful addition to any home! She would adore a lot of attention since she loves people so much. Jella responds happily to nice, soft voices. She would do well with another low-key dog in the house.

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