Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 16-005

Type of Surrender: Palm Valley Animal Shelter

Status: Medical Hold

Age: ~3 years

Weight: 47.9 lbs ( Ideal weight around 55-60 lbs)


Amazingly sweet, smart, and full of life, our Hazel is one in a million. She’s endured various medical ailments and has proven that she is resilient and is only looking forward in her new life!

Hazel was initially incredibly shy. She arrived from the shelter with infected skin, dirty ears, and with discharge from her little eyes and nose. It was apparent that she needed lots of love and care. Her foster parents stepped in and showered her with frequent medicated baths and some antibiotics to help her skin. In appreciation, Hazel rubs herself on the couch after a good bath, rolls over for belly rubs, and shows off her amazing leash skills during their walk.

Her impressive skill set doesn’t stop there, as she is also a very fast learner. Hazel’s list of commands grows daily and she’s a master at sit, lay down, and shake. As her knowledge grows, so does her confidence. The comforts of a dog bed, a cozy home, and toys were all new concepts for her. Now her favorite toy is a green frog and she’s become a class clown in her foster home. She enjoys nothing more than playing with the resident dog, Etta. Although, a quick game of counter surfing, could be a bit of fun too. Her foster parents are working on that.

Hazel is also a very active girl. Some of her favorite things are growling while she plays, running, and going for her walk. She loves her walks so much, that she tries to encourage her foster parents to move faster by nibbling on the leash while it’s in their hands. She gets very excited, but she is always gentle.

If you’re looking for an amazingly sweet, gentle, and active girl look no further than Hazel!

Ideal home:

Hazel is an all around, sweet and gentle girl with lots of energy and love. She would thrive in almost any environment, but would do well with a playmate to keep her busy.

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