Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 16-009

Type of Surrender: Stray from WCRAS

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 1 year (approx.)

Weight: 45 lbs. (goal 48-50 lbs.)

Why Diesel is an EGF recipient:

Treatment for mange, skin infections, ear infections, intestinal worms; surgery to remove cyst on back

What fur he had was a soft gold, all right, but so much of him was bare skin—blackened, scabby, ulcerated, swollen, and so exquisitely tender that 1-year-old Diesel was unwilling even to sit down. Instead, he balanced uneasily on his toes, looking into the shelter camera with such heartbreaking resignation that saying “no” was never an option. Intake Director Jacki commented, “I believe there might be a Golden underneath that medical mess, and if there isn’t, I am OK with that, too. He desperately needs our help and we need to take a chance on him, as it appears nobody else ever has.”

Diesel’s horrible skin troubles began with demodectic mange, a non-contagious type also known as “puppy mange,” since momma typically transfers the mites to her litter. In his case, it had run rampant, and was now complicated by yeast and bacterial infections. Add to that: emaciation, intestinal worms, a draining cyst on his back (eventually surgically removed), painfully infected ears… “He’s a mess,” said the vet, “But so sweet. All he needs is love and trust.” That, and a LOT of attentive daily care! The clinic shaved off Diesel’s remaining fur, gave him a medicated bath (the first of many), and sent him home with a detailed med-and-shampoo schedule. His “debut” foster photo shows a bony pup who’s mostly head and giant paws, but there’s already more interest & life in his eyes: “Can things be looking up at last?”

And… within a few weeks, his skin began to calm down and peach fuzz began to appear. His ears healed. He began to fill out. He could sit down, lie down, move without pain. His timidity and reserve slowly gave way to energy, interest, sociability, and a little bit of attitude. He could enjoy being a puppy at last!

It’s been six months since then, and what a transformation!  Diesel (now Dexter) is staying with his foster family for good, and mom Lisa says:  “He’s a neighborhood celebrity, having come so far from emaciation, mange, ulcers, worms and a general state of  ‘terrible’ to a really handsome and happy, sweet dog. His coat is SO thick and soft and fluffy—you’d never have guessed this beautiful boy could emerge from the reptile-like, hairless, skeletal specimen he was at intake.” As for his actual breed? “He’s one of GRR’s ‘Honorary Goldens’! His DNA test reveals him to be 75% Great Pyrenees, 12.5% Doberman, and the rest ‘mixed.’ He has the HEART of a Golden for sure, though.” He’s smart, too, having just graduated from Adult Basic Obedience, “and our trainer says he could probably pass the Canine Good Citizen test right now. He goes to day care twice a week for fun with friends, and is everyone’s favorite, of course!”


Turn a page, turn a corner, and in the turning, life changes unexpectedly forever.

Driving past, and out of the corner of your eye, there was what appeared to be a pile of oil-soaked black rags, tossed by the side of the road.  No, wait - it was a dog, motionless. Then, the dog moved. His head raised up and then dropped. In the moments that followed, a corner was turned and Diesel’s life changed forever. 

Diesel, the dog discarded by the side of the road and in desperate need of help, is now in the care of GRR. The photos are painful to look at, but only begin to reveal the full extent of his injuries.  The veterinarian’s and volunteer’s in-take descriptions sum it up: swollen head and legs, red oozing ulcers over his back, weeping mange over most of his body with open sores, patchy fur loss, and shriveled weak legs from malnutrition and parasites. His ears were infected, painful and sensitive to the touch, full of dark debris.

Golden Retriever? Perhaps. GRR rescue? Without question. Major attention on all fronts for this boy!

In a tribute to his canine spirit, in spite of untold abuse and neglect, Diesel is showing his sweet and loving personality with an excellent temperament to those who are caring for him. He wants to nuzzle in your arms and just stay close. Now that he has been shaved to start the healing, there is only a small area of fur on his neck and chest without scabs and sores, the perfect spot for rubs. With all that he lost, he never gave up his bond with humans. He seems to understand that a little more pain comes from treating his wounds, as the scabs heal and the mange recedes.

 It will be awhile before Diesel is fully recovered, and he is on medical hold for now, but his foster has reported progressive improvement day by day.  It shows in his eyes in the first photo from his foster home. With great nutrition and increasing exercise, rest and loving interaction, he is coming back just fine and is “sweet, adorable and cuddly.” 

The essence of GRR’s rescue mission is Diesel’s “before” pictures and his “after” pictures soon to come! He will be a beauty inside and out. Turn a corner and add Diesel to your “after” pictures. He will forever give back his appreciation.

Ideal home: Diesel would be best in a home with moderate actively level and time for close companionship.  No word on Diesels’ feelings for children or cats, just yet. A lot more information on Diesel is coming as he regains stamina and reveals his true personality to his GRR fosters.

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.

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