Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 14-012

Age: 14

Sponsored by:  Zoey is available for sponsorship.

Zoey was surrendered with Brixie to GRR in 2014 when one of her owner’s died and the other had to move to a nursing home.  Mother Zoey and daughter Brixie were adopted and re-surrendered to GRR in 2017 when the adopter had a family crisis which precluded her from keeping both dogs.

Zoey, age 14, and Brixie, age 11, have lived together all their lives and are two sweet old ladies who just need affection, soft beds, a stroll down the street every day and a yard to putter around in.  So that’s what GRR is giving these two bonded ladies.

Zoey is a Permanent Foster because of her advanced age and being quite arthritic Zoey’s foster mom has adopted Brixie so the two ‘besties’ get to stay together every day.

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