Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number:  19-079

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn in from Craig’s list

Status: Available

Age: 3-1/2

Weight: 56

Personality: Zeus was snapped up from Craig’s list by GRR. He is such a sweet boy, although a bit timid around men at this point.

Since being in his foster home Zeus has had only one accident in the house and that was right after his neuter surgery. He is now free to roam the house and doesn’t use a crate. He has not been around children or other dogs yet but is not aggressive to the household cat and is very curious. We don’t know if Zeus likes to swim because he’s not allowed in the water yet because of his surgery,

Zeus is a calm boy when riding in the car. During walks he does tend to pull and roam about which can be fixed with some time and practice.

He’s taken an occasional surf along the counter when something tasty is within reach. How can he resist? He loves people, following his foster family members around the house. He loves attention, likes a lot of reassurance and positive words, and is always eager to please. He’s energetic even though a bit anxious still. He needs time to adjust to a permanent new home!

Zeus doesn’t seem interested in toys, but that may come with time, too. He’s very calm during grooming – after all, he does love attention!

Ideal Home: Overall, Zeus is a great dog. He would thrive in a calm, relaxed home full of adults, teenagers, and even a cat. Zeus is the dog for you if you want a sweet, loving, energetic addition to your family.


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