Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-026

Type of Surrender: Stray, Waco HS

Status: Available Soon

Age: 3

Weight: 70

Personality: When Wells was transported by a GRR volunteer from Waco, the volunteer had nothing but good things to say about this beautiful gold boy. She said she was tempted to dog-nap him becasue he was so sweet. He was incredibly well behaved and so handsome. He was very calm and relaxed in the car. Once at the vet, 4 girls had surrounded Wells and were making a complete fuss over him.

Once settled into his foster family’s home, they have been discovering all kinds of great things about Wells. They think he must have been around children in his former life because on a walk he became excited when he saw a young boy in a stroller coming towards them. He immediately became happy and animated, but calm and easy going.

He is respectful around other dogs, but since he has just been neutered, he’s not been allowed to play yet. But he does treat the family dogs like they are old friends. So far, he tends to stare and lunge at cats. Hopefully, more exposure will change his reaction.

Wells is excellent on the leash and seems to be an old hand at retrieving and releasing a ball. He’s a big, goofy boy when it comes to playing.

Wells is super calm in the house and is quiet and relaxed in “his room”. The same goes for when he is exposed to the rest of the house. He sleeps through the night in the same room as his foster folks.

Wells is very sweet and easy-going, friendly with strangers but not overly excitable. He has a moderate energy level. His foster family says, “Wells is absolutely perfect! Someone described him as a Gentleman and he is just that. He has such a mild temperament, he's calm and polite indoors, friendly with every human he's met so far, he doesn’t bark at the door and his tail is always wagging. Except for growling at the neighbor chickens, Wells has been pretty quiet so far. I think that Wells has been very well loved AND trained in his past.  He actually waits at the door and asks for permission to come indoors! He's a gentle soul and has won my heart after only 4 days.”

Ideal Family: Wells would likely love to be adopted by a family with kids to play with, a family where he’s included as an active member and showered with love and attention. Wells would probably be equally happy in a child-free home, if he was included and cherished and perhaps had the company of another dog. Wells is heartworm positive, so his new family will need to be will to see him throughhis treatment, at GRR's expense,


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