Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-002

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available soon to a family willing to take through Heartworm trrstmdnt at GRR’s expense.

Age: 2

Weight: 44 (up from 39 at intake)

Tippy was turned in by an owner who had “landlord issues.” She’s a pretty girl with beautiful teeth, but she is a bit underweight.

Personality: She is just about completely housebroken. Tippy is not crazy about the crate, but her foster mom does leave her crated for now when no one is home. She hasn’t been exposed to kids yet, but an introduction to kids is planned for mid-February. Tippy is gentle and passive with the other dog in the home. At first, she growled when his foster sibling came around foster mom. Tippy, it seems, she had already claimed her as his own. But Tippy quickly got over that. However, she really doesn’t know how to play yet, and is a bit bashful when the house dog tries to instigate a play session.

There is a cat in the foster home and Tippy is a bit fearful of the big ole mean cat! But she is passive and doesn’t cause problems. She is quite nervous when she needs to ride in the car. This is obviously something she is not used to. She is also a bit nervous when walking on the leash. She will walk with foster mom to the mailbox, but beyond that…no thank you. Cars and neighborhood noises will cause her to plop on her rear and refuse to go any farther. Obviously, some work in this area is needed.

Tippy loves to retrieve in the house, but not so much outside. Again, the neighborhood noises make her nervous. She hasn’t gotten up the nerve yet to jump in the pool with the other dog, but she does seem to enjoy watching. Someday…But, to reiterate, she LOVES toys inside the house. With one clamped securely in her mouth, she cries and vigorously wiggles her tail.

Tippy isn’t always obedient, but it seems apparent that she’s never been taught to be and doesn’t know what to do.

Ideal Home: She will be a great dog for someone who can’t have a barking dog. She is very quiet. We still have NEVER heard her bark. She sits quietly in her crate. She’s a good girl. She’s a little wiggly, so may be tough for a frail person. She doesn’t require a whole lot of outside needs. She’ll chase her little toys all day long in the house. Because she is a smaller golden, Tippy would do well with a fenced yard and a privacy fence would be best. She is a bit fearful of neighborhood dogs and needs work with confidence building. She’s likes men as much as women. She needs someone who loves her enough to teach her the many things she doesn’t know yet and bring out the smart dog we know is in there. Tippy's forever family should also be willing to take her through heartworm treatment at GRR's expense.


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