Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-033

Type of Surrender: Stray from AAC

Status: Matched

Age: Approximately 4 months

Weight: 30 pounds

Personality: Sully has been with GRR about a month now and going through typical puppy antics and training. He has already learned to right be bell at the back door when it’s time to do his business. Of course, the little trickster has figured out that ringing the bell means he can go out anytime he wants, potty or no potty.  On the subject of his “business”, he can make through the night 6-8 hours in his crate before he has to get up.

He is currently too young to be left alone in the house uncrated. He may bark a bit at first, but calms down within a few minutes. The crate is left open when the foster family is home and he wanders in and out voluntarily during the day, using it as a place to rest up after a play session.

Sully hasn’t meant many other dogs except his sister Celia. When he did, he barked at first, but that tapered off. The bark was a completely playful one. Celia and Sully play tag and love to wrestle.

He doesn’t have any cat experience and hasn’t been in the car except for a vet visit, so we don’t know how he’ll be. He’s also not leash trained yet, but he’s still pretty young and that will come in time. He hasn’t had an opportunity to swim, but that will be in his future. After all, he IS a Golden Retriever!

He’s an expert at ball retrieving as well as his favorite squeakers. He doesn’t know “drop”, but has not problem giving up the ball.

Since Sully knows that food comes from the kitchen (and trying hard to learn not to bark when he wants his dinner), the kitchen is his favorite place and people in the kitchen are his favorite people!

Sully has improved immensely when it comes to that puppy desire to chew on things that are not meant for him. He loves toys and they make a great distraction when he wants to chew naughty things,

He’s not fond of being brushed yet. In fact, he tries to take the brush and walk away with. Silly goose. Doesn’t he know that mom will always win that battle?

Sully is very outgoing around people and other animals he knows. He’s high energy, playful, goofy, clumsy, silly, and vocal. He is a bit timid around new people, animals and things. But, like any puppy, he is cuddly and sweet when he’s not playing. The silly thing also paws at his own shadow when he sees it at night.

Ideal Home: He is a gentle, loving puppy who wants to be with his humans. He’s going to make an amazing family member. His forever family should include someone who will be home with so they can continue his puppy training and give him plenty of exercise. He should fit anywhere as long as the family is willing to spend time and resources training him. Socializing is very important for Sully or any puppy. He deserves a loving family.

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