Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-085

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn in

Status: Available

Age: 14 months

 Weight: 55

Personality: Scout is a young male golden retriever who is basically a diamond in the rough.  He has had some life experiences thus far, but just needs time, socialization and training to live his best dog life.  He’s a handsome boy that has had some training and would benefit from a little more.  He had the love of a family with young children but needs owners who aren’t too busy to meet the needs of an adolescent dog.  He loves playing and being around people but will still needs a reminder about how good dogs behave.  He has all the qualities that most dog owners are looking for, he just needs the time, support, love and consistency that a good home provides.  If you’re looking for the full golden retriever experience… Scout is your boy!

Ideal Home: Scout would be the ideal family dog.  He has experience with young children and enjoys being part of a family.  That said, his owners need to be committed to providing exercise and activities that will keep a young dog busy and fulfilled.  Scout would thrive in a home that sets clear and consistent boundaries so that he knows what to expect.  He loves playing with toys and would enjoy a yard that allows for his favorite activity… Fetch!  Open your home to this gorgeous redhead and be prepared to watch him become a true gem!

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