Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-014

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status:  Available

Age: 8

Weight: 27

Adventurer, style icon, and A+-perfect gentleman, all in one adorable 27-pound package! Meet Romeo. In his eight years or so, this little guy has done it all: moonlighted as an Uber driver (more on that later!), gone kayaking, made a few cross-country trips, and even considered submitting his resume as Pantene spokesdog (with those luxurious caramel-gold locks, he would have zero competition). But his favorite thing of all is to spend time with you, whether it’s out strolling the neighborhood, going for coffee, or simply snuggling up for a night in front of the TV.  He’s that ideal combination of energetic outdoors, serene indoors.  Add to that a beaming smile and eyes that shine with intelligence and congeniality, and you have one irresistible pup. As our intake evaluator said, “OMG! I totally love this little dog.  He is super cute, calm and happy. He has the SOFTEST fur with the Golden pants and tail and chest ruff, and elegant white ‘boots.’ Such a gentleman; greeted me at the door when I arrived, and courteously came along to say goodbye, too.  I almost expected him to bow and shake my hand! I am so tempted to say I would foster but I know I would fall in love and that would be it.”  

 A petite “Golden-Plus-Something” (corgi, maybe?), Romeo was dropped off at a San Antonio shelter about 3 years ago, and adopted shortly thereafter by a great owner who took the best care of his new friend (and yes, he did take Romeo along when he worked a stint for Uber; as you can imagine, the presence of a charming canine helped soothe even the most impatient passengers). Now, however, a job change has led to a sudden transfer overseas, and the owner could not take his buddy along. Friends and family were unable to help, and of course he wanted to avoid the shelter. Could GRR possibly take a little mix with a heart of gold?

 Yes, we could, though it meant finding someone willing to take a Golden mix AND to deal with the fact that Romeo is diabetic, diagnosed about one year ago. Luckily, the owner already did a lot of the work for us there, spending a few months back-and-forth with his vet to get Romeo’s insulin dose adjusted. He is now stable on prescription food twice-daily insulin, at a cost of about $25 every 6 weeks. Giving the shots is easy, Romeo is cooperative (would we expect anything else?) and “it gets so routine, like brushing your teeth.” His new family will just need to keep him on schedule, watch his diet, and take him in for a blood-sugar check every several months or so.

 As befits such a stylish dog, Romeo is an occasional connoisseur of fine leather products, so to keep him from performing quality control on a shoe or a handbag every now and then, keep any tempting items out of reach. Ditto wastebaskets, as like many a Golden, he does like to check out the contents of the waste paper bin (well, he does have to make sure you don’t mix trash and recyclables). On the whole, though, his house manners are impeccable! If you go out, you’ll typically find him snoozing peacefully when you return.


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