Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-076

Type of Surrender: PVAC

Status: Available October 1

Age: 8

Weight: 70

Personality: Rex came in with his buddy Jake in great shape except for a bad case of fleas, which have been treated. No more itchies for Rex.

He’s had no accidents in the house since he stopped taking a medicine prescribed by his vet at first and he is now free roam to the house. Rex is so sweet and non-aggressive around other dogs. Cats? In the house, he ignores them, but he likes to chase them when outside with them. He is a good traveler in the car and is excellent on the leash with no pulling.

Rex is starting to get used to the water and likely will soon be swimming like a champ. It does seem as though he doesn’t like thunder or strong winds but doesn’t over react to them.

His behavior in the house is perfect. He ignores everything that other more mischievous dogs might find tempting. He sleeps soundly through the night right next to his foster mom and he loves, loves, loves to be groomed. Rex doesn’t show much interest in toys or balls. He may be a little bit hard of hearing.

As far as energy level, Rex’s is a bit low, but he’s not the least bit lethargic and he loves nice, long walks.

Ideal Home: Rex would be the perfect dog for an older couple looking for loving companion and one that they won’t have try to keep up with. He doesn’t really need any training. He’s just about perfect, sweet and gentle.

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