Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-115

Type of Surrender: Owner Surrender to Snyder Animal Shelter

Status: Available

Age: ~ 5 yrs

Weight: 87 lbs - Ideal weight, 80

Personality: Rascal, approximately 5 years old, was surrendered to a local shelter because the owners didn’t have enough time to care for him and another dog.  When GRR’s volunteer greeted him at the shelter, Rascal was approachable and curious, while also being a little reserved and quiet.  He was hesitant to accept a treat from the volunteer but did eat it when it was dropped and is quickly adapting to his new foster home.

Rascal is a lap dog that obviously doesn’t realize that 87 pounds is not lap-sized!  He is very patient and gentle when taking treats or eating his food.  He is a trust-worthy boy who has free-range of the first floor (with doors closed) after his foster family discovered he could escape if gated in their kitchen.  He is house-broken and hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home.  He seems interested in playing fetch or with toys but has been on an exercise restriction since being neutered.  He had the opportunity to meet a small dog but wasn’t very interested in interacting.  He has been around kids a bit and is very good with being petted and fawned over. 

Rascal loves to play fetch and is really good on a leash.  He doesn’t pull but is a tad jumpy at times but just in a “what was THAT?" kind of way. He has a bit of separation anxiety so it's best to keep chewable human things out of his reach when left alone.

Rascal’s foster family has nothing but praise for him and thinks he’ll be a great addition to any home. In fact his foster family was a bit sad when they heard that he was ready for adoption. He will be missed. They are excited to see him come out of his shell as he gets more comfortable with his environment and is able to exercise and play. 

Ideal Home: Rascal really loves company and might do well with a family who is home more than they are gone.  He is obviously very affectionate and could be open to an easy-going companion dog given his prior experience.  There is no doubt that with time and love, Rascal is going to bring years of joy to the family that welcomes him into their home.


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