We recently lost Noah (aka Cooter, Carter) whom we adopted from GRR in 2006. Noah follows his GRR sibling GRR Rosie (adopted early 2001) and joins her in death. We’ll miss him very much --- especially his youthful demeanor (which he retained all his life) and silliness. Noah loved car rides, attempting to howl (never quite mastered it), strangers running their fingers through his soft, luscious hair, and being a “lap” dog. He was spoiled and demanded to be the center of attention to which we happily obliged.

Noah remained a happy and active dog until his hips started going late this summer. His illness was thankfully quick and he crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully as we held him lovingly. Noah was a blessing and we love him so much. Thank you Gold Ribbon Rescue for leading him to us. 

Maria Maldonado

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