Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-005

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 9 months

Weight: 55

 Story: Miranda’s story is of a humanitarian rescue. The animal shelter in Mineola was informed that a man in the Mineola area wanted to surrender his young Golden because she was too rough with his sheep. The shelter said they were over capacity and when the own heard this he said he was going to shoot the dog if no one would take her by 5:00 that evening. When a GRR representative arrived to pick her up, it was determined that she was more of a lab or lab mix, but given the alternative (the owner putting her down), she of course became a GRR dog.

Personality: Miranda is as sweet as she can be, but a bit tentative. At her temporary foster home, she is staying shut in the master bedroom while the fosters are at work. She appears to be housebroken because there have been no accidents. Fosters are going to try crating her while they are gone, because while she is housebroken, she has chewed on some furniture.

The foster home has in-home cameras, and they can see that Miranda whines when they are not home and even when they are home but in a different room, so it appears she needs human contact and interactions. She loves grooming, if not only because it means she’s getting love. She gets all wiggly and excited.

She has only met her foster brothers through a baby gait. They are easing into the formal introductions. She seems a bit afraid of the two goldens in the house, but will walk with them, keeping her distance. She is gradually warming up to the two boys, though, and has begun to walk beside the on their daily walk. It seems Miranda isn’t sure how to play, although she wants to. She’s been offered numerous toys, but doesn’t seem interested.

As far as her energy and activity level, she is shy and timid when she first meets someone. When she first met her foster brothers at a baby gate she growled understandably. She has shown great progress with the boys and is clearly getting more comfortable with them. When she is comfortable with a person I'd say she is outgoing and high energy. Jumps a lot and wiggles around. She just loves to be around someone and get attention.

Miranda has done well at adjusting and getting comfortable with the boys. Duke got 2 big kisses this morning and did that make Duke happy! Miranda doesn’t know her name yet, but will come to you if you say, "Come here!" in a happy excited voice. Her foster family is going to begin some basic training now she is getting more comfortable with her surrounds.

Miranda hasn’t had any exposure to cats, but given her strong prey drive with the sheep, she probably shouldn’t be around them. It’s likely this prey drive came from the loneliness of being left alone outside most of the time.

 As far as riding in the car, she settles down quickly and stays calm for the entire journey.

Ideal Home: At this time, we would suggest a home that is very active as she does have a lot of energy. She needs lots of activity to burn off that great energy she  has. The home should be cat-free. A home that will work on training, either self-training or a good training class because she does need that. We will add to suggestions for the ideal home Miranda gets more accustomed to living in a good home.


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