GRR Number: 10-021

Age: 9

Sponsored by: Ann and Copper

Mikayla, age 8, came from a puppy mill so she was very timid and fearful of people and other animals.  Today, Mikayla continues to amaze her foster family with a complex personality – shy and withdrawn at times but playful and mischievous at others.  She is gentle soul and as long as she is on her couch (which is her safe place), anyone coming into the house can sit next to her and love on her.  Mikayla will always be scared but she is very happy and comfortable with her forever foster family.

Because of severe timidness and fear of new situations and new people, GRR has made Mikayla a Permanent Foster as she has adjusted to her foster home and is slowly gaining confidence, trust and feeling comfortable in her current foster environment.

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