Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-117

Type of Surrender: Stray from Gonzalez

Status: Available Soon

Age: 7 months

Weight: 30

02/15/20 Update: Menorah has grown and started to develop her personality in the last month since her original story was written. Please check out the new information about little Menorah.

She hasn't had an accident in the house for two weeks. Yay, Menorah! And she sleeps all night without incident. Since her original story, she has had the chance to meet children and she was just wonderful with them.

Menorah is so cute when it comes to getting a treat. She is so gentle and shy that her foster mom has to almost put the treat in her mouth. She sometimes lays on the floor sniffing the treat for a while before she decides it's okay!

She plays well with other dogs, often instigating the shenanigans. She hasn't had the pleasure of getting to know any kitties.

It would be putting it mildly to say Menorah hates the leash! She'll plop her little puppy butt on the ground as if to say, "uh-uh. Not going to do it and you can't make me." Obiviously, some work is required here! She will tak a ball and run away with it. No way is she bringing it back! Stuffies don't stand a chance with Menorah - the shredding begins immediately! She likes a good romp, jumping up and down off the sofa exuberantly.

Menorah's energy level is just perfect. She's playful when it's time to be and calms down when play time is over.

Ideal Home: Menorah would do well in a home with another small dog for her to interact with. Her forever family must absolutely be willing to love on her, providng large amounts of belly rubs and snuggles. They also need to keep up with her training as she grows into what will undoubtedly be a beautifuly adult dog.


Right before the end of Hanukkah, three sister puppies (Menorah, Latke and Dreidel) were rescued after being dumped across from a shelter. In order to ensure their safety, GRR immediately snatched them up as they needed medical care. Menorah and Latke are together in a foster home and  Dreidel is in a Foster-Pending-Adoption home.

Personality: Little Menorah has some hair loss on her face that will fill in, along with a cute white stripe up her nose to the center of her head. Housebreaking training is in full stride, but she’s young and may have never lived in a house before, so there are still some accidents. Menorah loves to be in her crate for some quiet nap time and she isn’t left alone often.

She hasn’t been around children yet, but she’s such a sweet puppy her foster mom suspects she would get along wonderfully with them. No cats in the picture yet, either. As far as other dogs go, she would love to get in the mix with her foster family’s other dogs, but they aren’t ready to except the pups yet. Introductions will be made slowly.

Her one time in the car she got car sick, understandably because of nerves and just having eaten. She doesn’t mind the leash but tends to park her little butt on the ground and not move…obviously she isn’t big on walking yet. When outside, she sits in the grass and rolls around next to her sister Latke.

No retrieving yet for Menorah but she is learning to play with toys, chewing on an antler for a little bit. She got her first stuffy toy and took it directly to her crate and laid on it.

Menorah hates baths and tried to escape the first one. Once she figures out how good that going to feel on her skin, she’ll change her mind.

Being a puppy, Menorah does have energy, but she is blossoming into a very calm, low energy sweetie pie who loves an occasional frolic with her sister and roll around in the grass. This sight is really heartwarming.

There is a way to go with both girls. They are finally wagging their tails and getting excited when mommy comes around. Menorah loves to be cuddled in the arms of mom, too.

Ideal Home: Menorah is very shy and timid.  She is very cautious when approaching things.  Right now, she is very needy but so sweet and gentle. Right now, it’s unknow how she will do with other dogs, so a home where she would be an “only dog” might be best for her. We are looking for a Foster-Pend-Adopt home who can continue her medical treatment (at GRR expense) and who will take her to her full potential as Menorah will be amazing.


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