Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-149

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 2-1/2

Weight: 80

Lincoln was reluctantly given up by his family when a third child was on its way. Three kids and three dogs were going to be just too much for his family to handle. Lincoln was the largest, so they felt a home with a yard and more time for him would be better.

Personality: Lincoln (Link) is a beautiful, nearly white boy with golden patches. His looks make him a show stopper, always the recipient of comments. And this big, handsome boy gets along with everyone, two and four legged, young or old. He's been very cooperative at his visits to the vet, even if he had to wait a while to be seen. He has been very blasé around cats, showing know aggression.

His former family described his personality as, "wonderful, mellow, sweet, very gregarious, wants to meet everyone to say hello. He's so gorgeous and likes everyone, aka, irresistible. He's very sensitive in his way and attuned to mood. If you are low and grumpy, he will be subdued, but if you are happy, he is ecstatic!"

Link is basically still a puppy and needs a lot of exercise. If he doesn't get to play or walk or romp enough, he expends his energy on chewing on things. Walking him is easy as he is a dream on leash, walking alongside without pulling at all.

Ideal Home: A home with another dog is a must for Lincoln, so he has someone to burn off energy with. He respects the space of other dogs, but loves the interaction. A home with a big yard would be great for Link to run in. A forever family in which someone is home all day would be good for Link, considering how much he loves people and being social.


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