Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-016

Status: Killeen AC

Status: Available

Age: 8-10 months

Weight: 32

Latte Personality and Ideal Family Update - March 19 - As Latte spends more time in her foster home, the family is discovering how high-energy she is. She bounds down the stairs two a a time in the morning, ready to meet the new day head on. She's barely a year old, the perfect age for an active family to teach her to be a fun jogging or hiking buddy. She zips around her foster family's backyard so quickly, it seems she might enjoy and excel at agility. SHe's not going to be a big dog - maybe 45 pounds. Can't you just see her weaving through the poles on an agility course? Like any young dog, she needs some obedience training, but she's got it in her to an awesome dog, companion and family member, especially for an individual or couple who would love to take their dog wherever they go.


Latte is the proverbial "diamond in the rough." She apparently didn't have a lot of training in her past life, but she is trying hard to learn to be a good dog so she can go to a loving forever home. She's learning that she shouldn't jump on people and to be gentler when taking a treat. House training is almost there, but what untrained pup doesn't have an accident now and then? Latte likes to walk. She likes it so much that she pulls on the leash to hurry and see what's ahead, but her foster folks are workin diligently on that as well.

She gets along well with her older foster brother and wants to play, but has no experience with cats. Latte is very high energy and is very, very fast! She craves attention and absolutely loves to be loved on. When she gets praised for good behaviour, she rolls over for a belly rub, like a typical golden.

Ideal Home: For right now when she is long and needs more training, Latte should have a home where someone is always home to love her and work with her. She would also do well with perhaps an older dog in the house not only teach her how to be a good dog, but be a friend. Latte will be a real gem for whoever gets her!

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