Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-108

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In to PVAC

Status: Permanent Foster

Age: 12+

Sponsored by: Lady is sponsored by anonymous.

Lady was an owner surrender to the Palm Valley Animal Center because her owners said she was too old and slept too much so she wasn’t wanted any more…..ARGHHH!!!  The shelter immediately called GRR and brought her into care. 

Lady’s initial vet exam showed she was 10+ lbs underweight, heartworm positive, had goopy eyes, yeasty ears, tartar on her teeth along with many fleas and ticks.  Her coat was sparse, her tail had minimal fur and she had trouble getting around due to considerable arthritis/stiffness Lastly, she had a large wound on her left leg. 

What a difference three months as made. Today, Lady is happy, loved and well-cared for in her permanent foster home.  With proper diet and medical care, Lady is becoming a happy, beautiful Golden inside and out.

Lady is enjoying the good-life as a GRR Golden and her foster mom says you can’t ask for a more mellow, kind girl.  Life is sweet.


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