Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-005

Type of Surrender: Stray from PVAC

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 4ish

Weight: ?

After only a month, the difference in Knight is like "Knight and day". When this little guy was found, he was exhausted, malnourished and covered in scabs with very little hair. No one was even sure what breed he was. His foster family came to his rescue and his road to recovery began. He knew it right away! He cuddled up in his rescuers car and slept the whole way to his new life.

Personality: Knight is having no problem learning new tricks. He is adjusting to his new comfortable life with his dog siblings nicely. He is learning each day the life of an indoor dog and how to be a gentleman. He has counter-surfed a few times when food was easily accessible, but ultimately this hasn’t shown to be a regular issue.

Knight is working hard on making new friends as much as possible. He loves to get the attention of his foster family and dog siblings any way he can. He loves to play with the other dogs, licking their faces and snatching their toys. He also loves to get brushed, even though he doesn’t have much hair yet. He just loves the attention! His absolute favorite activity is curling up on the couch and getting pets.

Knight’s love for attention does make it hard to leave him alone. He has separation anxiety and absolutely detests being crated. He prefers to sleep on the couch and does just fine when he can roam the house freely.  The few times he has been confined he has shown a little bit of destructive behavior. His foster family has successfully left him alone to roam the house for 8 hours at a time, but he will likely thrive more in a home where a family member is home more often.

Knight is turning into a great walking partner. He does very well on the leash and will likely make someone a great walking/running partner one day. Currently he is marking occasionally, but that will likely subside once he is neutered as soon as his kidneys clear up. 

Ideal Homem: While he may not be a full golden, Knight has shown several of the same lovable traits that goldens are so famous for. If you are looking for an average-energy partner to liven up your household and accompany you on walks/runs, then Knight may be your guy! Though his separation anxiety requires a little more attention, this boy is eager to please and just wants your company and your love!

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