Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-005

Type of Surrender: Stray from PVAC

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 4ish

Weight: 70

After only a month, the difference in Knight is like "Knight and day". When this little guy was found, he was exhausted, malnourished and covered in scabs with very little hair. No one was even sure what breed he was. His foster family came to his rescue and his road to recovery began. He knew it right away! He cuddled up in his rescuers car and slept the whole way to his new life.

Personality: Knight is quickly becoming a "Knight in shining armor" with all the manners and gallantry that the title implies. He is very well behaved, if not a bit anxious when he realizes his people are leaving. But he remains calm and trustworthy alone in the house. He's learned the charms of stuffed animals and at times will fetch a ball when the other dogs are playing. Knight seems to be one of those dogs that likes to howl along with the sirens of a fire truck.

Knight is recovering nicely and has a normal energy level, particularly enjoying a daily walk or even a run. He is so very sweet and affectionate, comes when he is called, and his learned to sit politely when told to. His anxiety from his early days with GRR has dissapated and he seems quite relaxed and happy.

Ideal Home: While he may not be a full golden, Knight has shown several of the same lovable traits that goldens are so famous for. He is so calm and sweet natured. If you are looking for an average-energy partner to liven up your household and accompany you on walks/runs, then Knight may be your guy! He is deserving of and need lots of love, so the perfect home would be one where a family member is home a lot.



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