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Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-028

Type of Surrender: Stray – PVAC

Status: Available

Age: 7-8 years

Weight: 65-70 (needs to gain about 5 pounds)

Jet came into GRR with some itchy skin issues, but that is clearing up now. He has a few other minor issues that are being watched carefully and treated by GRR vets.

Personality: Welcome to GRR, Jet! Jet is taking well to his foster home, with no housebreaking issues and no problems with his crate. He does get to roam the master bedroom when no one is home because he IS such a good boy.

He was wonderful with his first foster family's two teenagers. He had a two-year old human visitor recently and was great with him (other than deciding he wanted to borrow the toddler's toys).

Jet is very, very sweet and gets along well with other dogs, playing just fine with a friend's Golden who visited. He hasn't had any cat exposure in his current foster home, but apparent did chase the cats in his first home.

Jet is very calm in the car. He likes to have his head out the window, and once in his first home he accidentally figured out how to put his paw on the armrest and open the window!

He likes his walks and is not pulling much on the leash any more with the Easy Walk harness, but after only a few walks he’s learned a lot. He gets to practice on the leash in the backyard, but he does need some more training in that area. While on his walks, he does tend to bark at other dogs passing by. Jet has figured out when the walk has made the turn towards home and will sometimes dig in and completely stop! "I don't want to go home yet!"

He will retrieve a ball that is thrown, but doesn't always bring it right back and sometimes he never does. "My ball!. He loves to carry the ball around. He hasn't had a chance to swim yet.

Jet is typically pretty calm in the house and just wants to be around people. Every once in a while he'll get all excited about his tennis ball and decides it's play time. Jet loves trying to be a lap dog when his humans sit on the floor with his head in a lap, convenient for petting. He hasn't bothered with anything that is not his. Good boy!

Unfortunately, he has inherited the Golden propensity to be afraid of thunderstorms. He pants and paces or likes to be in a nice tight space. The best, though, is to snuggle up close to his people.

Jet loves to be brushed and even enjoyed his last bath. He absolutely loved the blow dryer. He tolerates having his feet cleaned when they get dirty outside.

Jet is mostly pretty low energy but as previously mentioned, he has periods of spunkiness wanting to play. He's outgoing to other people and will say hi to anyone willing to return the favor with a pet. He's learning more and more all the time. He will sit and is pulling much less on the leash. He can be pretty stubborn if he doesn't want to do something or go somewhere, planting his butt firmly on the ground.       

Ideal Home: Jet is full of potential, so his forever family needs to help his keep learning basic commands. There are no major worries with Jet, but he will need to be monitored at doors. He doesn’t rush them, but will head toward them when they’re open and try to get out. He’s also tried pushing through a backyard gate. So his new family needs to be ever observant!  Jet will make someone a great friend and companion. Jet should fit in just about anywhere! He will be a wonderful companion as he is a classic Velcro golden and just wants to be with the humans, but also seems to get along great with other dogs. While Jet is not suited as a jogging partner, he has a lot of spunk and needs daily exercise since he's pretty active for an 8 year old.


He probably can’t be too active since he’s a little older and seems to have some joint pain, but he certainly has plenty of spunk and will still need his frequent exercise. Jet just wants to be loved and have his belly rubbed and head petted!


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