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Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-80

Type of Surrender: Laredo AC

Status: Available

Age: 1-1/2

Weight: 40

Update on Isabella - August 9 - Lots of new, adorable pictures of Isabella have been sent in by her foster mom, along with new details about this wonderful, high energy dog that is being revealed as time goes by. She just keeps getting sweeter, smarter, gentler and more loyal. Isabella is always anxious and quick to learn new commands and she has learned that she, just like people, have a schedule to stick to: "In the morning I get to eat, then I go out and do my business, then I play a little, then it's time for a rest. My duties keep growing as I get smarter."

Isabella has a long memory and never forgets (kind of like an elephant!) and will wait for the opportunity to get what she wants. For example, before she arrived her foster home was cleared of all toys. Eventually three toys were introduced: one chew toy for each dog (two nylabones and an antler). She demonstrated a tendency to want whatever the other dogs had (don't we all?), but would wait for the opportunity to do so in the least confrontational way. Her foster mom tested this a few times by leaving the room and observing her as she followed her out, then Isabella returned to the room to try and snag the toy. After some alternative reinforcement she seemed to eventually understand that she didn't really need that other toy when she had a perfectly good one of her own. Isabella showed no aggression, just posturing and waiting for an opportunity to get the other dog's toy.

Isabella is one of those velcro dogs - needing to be close and get attention as much as possible. She takes correction very well. Oh, and she seems to have an interest in the water, so whoever is lucky enough to get Isabella may just have a swimmer on their hands.

Isabella will be an excellent family member. She is able to be wild when it's time to be wild, and calm when it's time to be calm. She is all puppy now, but will be a solid, long-term addition to a family wanting a good-energy companion.


Personality: Let’s start out our description of Isabella with a declaration from her foster mom. “She is going to make someone a wonderful dog!” Her manners, while never described as bad, have improved already in her short stay in her current home. She’s shown some natural curiosity about the wonderful, good-smelling things on the counter, but has quickly picked up the command “get down.” Only a few days of training have helped her refrain from begging for food, too. It’s apparent that she’s had some training because she knows “sit” and “down” by heart.

So far Isabella hasn’t shown an inclination to exhibit the “retriever” part of a golden retriever. She loves to carry her ball and toys around and will let you have them, but chasing it and bringing it back don’t seem to be of interest. She may need to learn the fine art of playing. It’s as if she’s never had the pleasure of this before. She sometimes chews her toys, but what red-blooded American dog does not? But she hasn’t practiced her chewing on anything BUT her toys.

Isabella is calm and sweet and currently doesn’t have a very high activity level, but she is young and still getting used to her new surroundings and situation, so that will undoubtedly change. She is housetrained, sleeps through the night in her crate, and can be left alone in her crate for a couple of hours when no one is home.

Besides being calm and easy going, Isabella is very smart. She’s a dream on a leash and loves the two miles of walking she gets in every day. She is also equally as cooperative riding in the car and enjoys her adventures to the garden center and PetSmart with her foster mom. She’s great around the adults, children and other dogs she meets there.

She’s very attached to her foster mom and seems to be very dependent on the people who pay her the most attention. Mom is working with Isabella so that she is just as comfortable around other people, but she definitely doesn’t like to be by herself.

Isabella has been given a clean bill of health and is at an ideal weight even though she is relatively small. The vet says she has very strong legs. She is still in “rescue-dog mode”, which means she may still look for a way out when she gets outsides, and those muscular legs can be used to jump a shorter fence.

Ideal Home: Since Isabella prefers company rather than being alone, her forever family should have one member who spends a good deal of time at home. Her new home must have a 6-foot wooden fence that she can’t use to vault and then go exploring. A "no-cat" home would be best for Isabella as she gets a bit excitable around them. As time in her foster home goes on, they have come to see that another nice, easy-going dog or two in her new forever home would be an asset for Isabella. A dog 3 or 4 years old would a great role model for her!

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