Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 13-029

Type of Surrender: Foundling

Status: Available Mid April

Age:  2

Weight: 52

Update - April 20: Here it is 3 weeks later and Hondo is making so much progress, trying hard to be able to impress his future forever family. He's fully housebroken, has taken well to his crate (although, naturally, he'd rather be around others), and is trustworthy enough to be left alone in the house with two other Goldens. He loves kids. You should see how happy and goofy he gets around them! He likes to play with the other dogs and makes some pretty silly noises when they get going. He does like to chase cats. He apologizes for that, but he just can't help himself!

He's learned to retrieve and will even drop the toy or ball for you, but he's also content with some solitary play - just he and his ball. Hondo rides well in the car, but pulls a bit on the leash. He's trying hard to remember that there is someone on the other end of the leash and he's not just out for a walk by himself.

Hondo is very outgoing and has a lot of energy. He greets strangers like they were long lost friends. Around the house, it seems Hondo is having trouble understanding that velocity + inertia + laminate flooring = undesired trajectory! Wheeee!!!!

Ideal Home: Hondo’s forever home should be cat free and his family needs to be willing to give him a lot of attention and training. Hondo would do well with another dog to keep him company.


Personality: Hondo is an outgoing, happy, high energy Golden boy who loves to be with people. Very “sweet and lovable” according to his fosters. He loves his belly rubs. (What self-respecting Golden Retriever does not?)

He was found as a stray, so he’s obviously craving attention. Likely because of being a stray, Honda was a little snippy around other dogs when he first came to GRR, but his foster folks brag that he is now getting along much better with other dogs.

Hondo loves to be outside, howls at sirens and makes a lot of cute, funny noises – probably his way of talking. He sometimes pulls a bit on the leash, but since he loves it outside, he’s just trying to see what’s around the next corner.

He has taken easily to chasing a ball and retrieving so he can do it again. Oh, and he gets really happy around children.


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