Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-022

Status: Available after he has had time to heel from his surgery.

Age: 2

Meet Hero , who came all the way to Austin from Laredo. Two dedicated volunteers drove to get this injured boy. The shelter suspected that Hero's family was neglectful and abusive, so did what they could to remove him from the family - which is how he came to be at Gold Ribbon Rescue.

He was taken to a GRR veterinarian, who told us that Hero was probably hit by a car two to three weeks ago. He needed surgery, and it was unsure if the leg could be saved.

Now, this fabulous GRR veterinarian worked hard, and was able to save Hero's leg. He found that the rear leg was fractured on the big thigh bone, and had lots of scar tissue. Hero is going to be on severe exercise restriction for awhile, and may require some rehab. Which, of course, he will get. Because he is a Gold Ribbon Rescue Golden, and all Goldens deserve a chance. Especially sweet boys like Hero, who have been through so much already in their short lives.

Hero will be fostering with one our Board members, and one of the original founders of GRR, so we know he'll be getting the very best of the best. He is heartworm and tick borne disease negative, so that is excellent news.

If you think Hero is your guy, please be sure to fill out an application. The approval process has a few steps, including phone interviews and a home visit. Follow this link to read about adoption guidelines and for an application: http://www.grr-tx.com/guidelines/how-adopt

Finally, Hero is a perfect example of why we are here. You can imagine that his surgery and ongoing veterinary care - despite discounts - add up in costs. Please consider Gold Ribbon Rescue during the Amplify Austin day of generosity. Any donation is appreciated, and are tax deductible. Following this link to Amplify Austin, and to amplify Gold Ribbon Rescue and our Goldens like Hero:

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