Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-052

Type of Surrender:

Status: Available

Age: 4 months

Weight:  22

Glory and her siblings were tiny puppies when they came to GRR and they weren’t in very good shape. However, with the help of GRR and wonderful foster parents, Glory is raring to go.

Personality: First and foremost, Glory is a puppy with all the vim and vigor one would expect! She will already happily do her business when she is taken out. She’s crated when left along and does just fine in there. She hasn’t met any children yet and is being slowly introducted to the house cat. So far, she is curious and calm.

Glory does jump, but she’s a puppy and that is certainly something she can learn not do. She plays great with her sister, Star, but hasn’t been around other dogs. She did amazingly well her first time on a leash.

She will chase a ball but isn’t interested in bringing it back yet. One would think that she might like to swim because she enjoys romping in a tub of water in the backyard.

She and her sister sleep soundly together in the same crate at night, but Glory barks the minute the sun comes up.  She also likes to share the same food bowl, although they each have their own. Glory knows when it’s time for breakfast and dinner announcing the time with another series of barks.

Ideal Home: Glory is sweet and playful and, of course, has a lot of puppy energy. She already knows how to sit. Because of all that puppy exuberance and everything that entails, Glory needs a home that can give her all the love attention and training a precious pup like her needs.

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