Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-003

Type of Surrender: Palm Valley Animal Center

Status: Available

Age: 1

Weight: 48 pounds +

Personality: Dax, who was quite underweight when he came to GRR, has grown into a big, strong boy with the love and care of his foster family. His manners have greatly improved and he is learaning to live the good life now, thanks to GRR.

Dax doesn’t much care for being in a crate, but he does fine being left alone and confined to just the living area of the house. So far, he’s not crazy about getting in the car, but once somebody gives him a boost up he does just fine.

Dax has an overabundance of energy when he greets people, which is likely from a lack of socialization in his pre-GRR life. But he is happy and energetic when children are around and he makes a beeline straight for them. He is being taught to curb some of that clumsy puppy energy and is getting gentler with children all the time.

His play with other dogs is pretty rough and physical, but he is starting to understand that not all dogs are into that! The first time Dax saw a cat his first instinct was to go after it, but recently he has started to ignore them.

Since Dax is still growing and getting stronger, his fosters are having to work with him so that he doesn’t pull on the leash when on a walk. He is a strong boy!

One of Dax’s favorite things is to pick up shoes and clothing and carry them around. His foster mom fears she may never find all her family’s shoes again!

Ideal Home: Dax definitely needs a family who has the time, patience and experience to give him the training he still needs. He’ll need lots of attention and an outlet for all that puppy energy. Dax is a typical young, untrained dog. that’s had a hard life and deserves someone to spend time and give him a good life.


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