Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Status: Matched

GRR number: 15-126T

Type of Surrender: Rescued from a puppy mill

Age: 5 years

Weight: 74 lbs (Ideal weight about 64 lbs)


With great excitement, GRR is proud to announce Comal as a member of the family. She’s traveled a long way and with a little Texas hospitality we enthusiastically welcome her arrival!

Comal was from a puppy mill, where she developed some amazing social skills, as she is completely comfortable with other animals and people. It is apparent from her sweet and loving personality that she was an excellent mom to all her puppies. It is also apparent that she’s had several litters and that a tag was placed in her ear at one point. Whatever her time was like in the puppy mill, she shows no signs of distress or anxiety. She radiates the love and warmth that embodies the Golden breed.

In addition to her perfect demeanor and loving personality, Comal is an excellent house guest. She is completely reliable in the home and adores children of all ages! She’s calm and relaxed and has no trouble sleeping through the night, as it is reported that she is a very deep sleeper. She’s excellent in the car, on the leash, and she loves swimming! Some of her other loves in life are the tennis ball and wiggling in the wet grass with her feet in the air. The best part about the wet grass, is the towel rub afterwards.

Like most Golden’s, Comal enjoys the company of people, loads of attention and snuggling. Snuggling is important and she will take any opportunity to lay her nose on your shoulder. Additionally, she likes to help carry in the groceries or items to the recycling bin. Whatever she can do to help, she will do and always with a smile. She is always happy, even with her medical concerns of a low thyroid and her being slightly overweight, she still wakes up everyday with a smile.

Comal persisted through her adversities and has retained her sweet, calm, and loving personality. With patience she’s arrived at a better life in her new home state of Texas, and is now looking for a family to shower her with love and to build new memories with. 

Ideal home:

Comal is calm with average energy requirements and will do well in most home environments.  She also does well with dogs and deer, but has not had exposure to cats. She’s never shown aggression with food or in general, and does not seemed concerned with fireworks or loud noises.

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