Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-086

Type of Surrender: Owner Surrender

Age: 11 years

Weight: 60 lbs

Chase’s history with GRR goes back almost 10 years when his previous owners surrendered his female companion dog.  For some reason, the family wanted to keep their two male dogs, Chase and his son, until recently when they found themselves contacting GRR again to find them homes.  It is believed that Chase and Elvis (Chase’s son) spent their entire lives outdoors in a yard that only had dirt and gravel, without a single blade of grass.  The dogs have probably never had a bath in their lives, are small in stature, and have most likely never seen a toy.

Personality: Despite the rough living situation, Chase was very friendly when GRR’s volunteers arrived.  He and Elvis were excited to meet new people and eager for attention and to please.  Once Chase arrived in his foster home, he began learning about something called house training where you don’t go to the potty inside, you save it for outside!  And even though he hasn’t ever lived indoors, Chase behaves well and will stay crated or behind a baby gate when his foster family isn’t home.  He is also learning what it is like to eat from a bowl and on a schedule, a luxury that was missing from his pre-GRR life.

Chase is quickly adapting to the good life!  He is happy and calm inside and only seems stressed if he is separated from Elvis.  Chase has mastered leash walking and both he and Elvis have mastered housebreaking and are free to roam the house when left alone. Now that he is receiving proper care and nutrition, he will get a chance to see how good life can be!  He is an affectionate dog that still has a lot of love and joy to share with his future family.

Ideal Home: Chase’s ideal home will be with a family who can welcome him and Elvis into their lives. These two boys are very strongly bonded and need to stay together. Chase does get very anxious when he is separated from Elvis. They are definitely a bonded pair and should be adopted together.  He will thrive with patient owners that will allow him time to adjust to life indoors and will provide some basic training.  He enjoys walking on a leash, but of course hasn’t had enough experience to resist the urge to pull.  He is in a foster home with a teenager in a wheel chair and has been very calm and gentle, however it is unknown how he would be around younger children.  He plays well with other dogs and is ready to find his forever home!


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