Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-092

Type of Surrender: PVAC

Status: Medical Hold

Age: ~18 months

Weight: 54 lbs

Personality: Cassidy is a tall, lanky golden retriever mix that loves to be next to her people. If you forget to pet her, she will lean against you to give you a gentle reminder.  She is house trained and able to roam the house freely during the day. She sleeps well at night, sometimes moving from room to room to find the coziest spot.

Cassidy was recently spayed and has been recovering from ear infections and kennel cough. She is receiving treatment in her foster home and is expected to make a full recovery. In the meantime, she is learning how be a good dog and trying to regain her appetite. She is enjoying belly rubs and lots of love that were both missing from her life previously. 

Her foster parents are working with her on sit, waiting before going through a doorway, and other good canine behaviors. Given Cassidy’s age, it is certain that she will benefit from a home that provides consistency, limits, and activity so that she can thrive.

Ideal Home: Cassidy is an adolescent dog who enjoys the company of other dogs and entertains the idea of cats.  She can be energetic and rowdy when paying with other dogs, so future owners need to supervise play. It is unclear about how she might interact with children, so a home without children or with older kids would be best. With proper love and guidance, Cassidy will gain confidence in herself and become an excellent family member for whomever invests their time and love!

Update: 10/22/19

Here are some words from Cassidy's foster mom about what great progress she is making:

She has recovered nicely from her bout with a respiratory virus, has her appetite back, and is a really friendly dog! When her foster brother barks at strangers at the front door, she just wags her tail furiously!
A nice surprise was how much she likes young children. Our grandchildren were here for a visit (ages 2-1/2 & 5) and she was delighted to be pet and hugged. They are very loud and boisterous, but it didn't bother her at all. She seems happy to be around people of any size.
A funny thing she does is: if I am not paying attention to her, or have left the house for a while, she will find a flip flop, sock, or item with our scent on it and carry it to her bed. She doesn't chew them at all, just collects them like souvenirs of her people!
I am taking her for her vaccinations later this week so she can hopefully "appear in public" soon. Meanwhile, I am taking her for short walks on our street. She hasn't had much experience walking on a leash, but doesn't pull. I'm looking forward to take her for longer walks once she has all her vaccinations. I think she will be a good walking buddy!
Her only issue is she is presently scared of riding in cars, probably because of her vet visits. She lays down on the ground and doesn't want to get in. Once she is vaccinated, I will be working on taking her for short, fun trips so she doesn't just associate riding in the car with a trip to the vet.


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