Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-050

Type of Surrender: Giddings Animal Shelter

Status: Available

Weight: 100

Age: 4-5

Personality: Brutus, otherwise known as “Andre the Giant,” is really a very gentle giant. He is a people lover but may have had some bad treatment in his life – he has a large scar across his nose. He needs to be treated with patience and confidence and he will be a wonderful companion.

He is about 85% housebroken and catching on quickly. Brutus is trustworthy and does not need a crate. He never jumps up on people. He needs to be restrained in the car only because he likes to ride “shotgun” in the front seat. He’s still pulling on the leash, so he definitely needs some work there. Using a harness instead of just a collar would be best. Inside the house he has shown no bad habits. He sleeps through the night. He likes to “tuck in” his foster folks at bedtime by putting half of his body on the bed to be close while they go to sleep. Brutus is also easy to groom. He has not had exposure to other dogs or children, but his foster folks feel he would be great with them. He completely ignores their cat.

As far as his energy goes, Brutus is shy and timid for about 5 minutes, then wants to be petted, pawing with insistence. He’s a chill big boy and loves to hang out on the couch to snuggle. He’s a bit jumpy, leading his foster mom to think he may not hear well. He is so sweet and needs a lot of patience. His true personality may have not completely presented itself yet. He does have an ear and urinary infection which may be affecting his energy level and his hearing. However, there is no way he will lose all that sweetness.

Brutus’ foster folks have no worries about him and believe he is a diamond in the rough. Instead of towering over him to get him to respond, which seems to make him nervous, foster mom just sits in a chair and calls him. He comes right over.

Ideal Home: A forever home with a nice, big grassy yard would be ideal Family members should be able to handle a 100 pounder on a leash. But the most important thing is a family who can take the time to make him feel a connection with him to make him feel self and get him to come out of his shell. He needs patience. If he needs 20 minutes and treat to coax him out of the car for instance, then his people need to give him that time. People who are in a hurry and want immediate compliance this is not the dog for you. But a family who wants a sweet, laid-back dog, then Brutus is perfect for you.

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