Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-025

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 11

Weight: 67

Update on Boots' Progress - 7/24/18:

Boots has come a long way since coming to GRR with a leg injury. His mobility issues are improving every day, so much that his foster folks are amazed. He can go up and down stair, which he could not do before his injury has healed. He initiates play with their dog Scout, running in circles and play bowing. He will even break into a run to catch up his with mom.

Boots has become very social and loves to say "hi" to anyone and everyone, but he is very polite. He loves to be around people, following his foster mom, never letting her get far away. Boots assumes that if someone sits down it's time for loving and petting. Thus, he also enjoys grooming. After all, it IS attention. The foster family has absolutely no worries or concerns about him, saying that his is a very sweet boy.

Ideal Family: Since Boots loves company, it would be great if his forever family had a member who was home part or all of the day. Another dog to play with would be nice, too. He is well-behaved around his foster's two cats.

Background/Personality: Boots has been through a lot. He came to GRR with a back-leg injury (it is suspected he was hit by a car) and he is positive for heartworm. His leg injury is improving and he can get around pretty well, but he can’t seem to tackle the stairs at his foster home. At his next vet visit it will be determined if he needs surgery to repair the leg. He’s taking a few medications to treat some other issues and is coming along fine

Boots doesn’t play with the other two dogs in the house. He seems completely focused in his foster mom and getting love and affection. One of his foster brothers is dominate and they get a bit feisty with each other, but the other dog is pretty easy going and he and Boots seem to get along. There are cats in the family and Boots either just sniffs at them or completely ignores them.

Boot seems like he’d love to retrieve a ball, but this injury is hampering any kind of activity like that now. Inside the house Boots is a perfect gentleman. He doesn’t get on the furniture and chews only on things he’s allowed to like his Nylabone.

Foster mom needs to stay with him while he eats. If she walks away, he will follow her. He sure likes his foster mom! He loves to be brushed. Boots is pretty needy and clingy. He fits the saying “doggin my heals” perfectly. He stays right with her every step of the way. He won’t go outside unless she comes with him. With all that being said, Boots is an absolute sweetheart – so calm and gentle. He lays nearby and sleeps in his foster parent’s room so he can see them at all times. Progress is coming with baby steps. For instance, in the middle of the night, Boots will finally let his foster mom go to the bathroom without an escort!

Boot very much wants to go on the walks that the other dogs get, trying to sneak out the door to come along. He has to be held back and then compensated with a treat.

Ideal Family: Boots undoubtedly needs a family where someone is home all day. He gets so anxious when separated from his foster mom. He’d be perfect for a retired a couple or someone who works from home. Boots is a companion dog, not one that will be a playmate for kids or other dogs. Boots is such a sweetheart and he just wants to have someone with him to love on him.


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