GRR Number: 16-042

Age: 14

Sponsored by: Blanca is available for sponsorship.

Ms. Blanca came to us in pretty sad shape a year ago. In fact, the first few days I didn't think she was going to survive. However, now she's healthy, clean, Heartworm free, her glorious white coat feels like silk instead of straw, and her behavior is that of a sweet demure lady. Additionally, since she was recently medically cleared for oral surgery and teeth cleaning her breath is 100% better. It really helped to remove a rotten tooth that was severely infected, altho she never indicated a painful mouth was a problem.

In fact, she doesn't complain at all. At her age, 15, arthritis is her major issue as both elbows are severely affected.....she will limp when it really bothers her. In addition to Carprofen, and Cabapentin she began Adequan injections which has benefited her greatly. Now she is more active, walks when she wants to with little to no limp and is able to get up from a resting position easily.

 There are many things about her that we love: she's calm with children, doesn't react at all around cats,  enjoys the company of other dogs....just so they don't bark or get too personal with the sniffing gestures....if so, then she moves away. She loves to be petted/stroked by anyone and indicates if more is expected. On the other hand, she calmly removes herself when she's had enough and wants to be alone. Her big brown eyes are dreamy and speak paragraphs when she stares at you....sure enough, her message becomes understood and she gets what she's been waiting for. When on a walk to go potty, she often does her business then wants to go home, with her front paws planted and head down she doesn't change her mind and we go home. Other times she takes the lead and walks ahead leading the way!

 Oh, I forgot to mention 2 things that really aren't important but.....the lipoma on her neck area has been evaluated and has been determined to be a non issue. I thought about having it removed but decided it wasn't worth the risk. Sometimes she makes a loud coughing like sound which probably sounds worse than it is. Also, she isn't as thunder phobic as earlier. Once in awhile I give her 2 Benadryl capsules if she seems anxious but it doesn't escalate. I hope she's realized we are calm so that noise must be ok.

 As you can see from her pictures, she is beautiful! We constantly tell her how pretty she is both in English and Spanish just in case she was a Spanish hearing pet in her past life. We certainly hope her prior rough life is well forgotten and this new loving home is the one to remember.

Thank you GRR for all you have done and continue to do for Ms, Blanca, especially bringing her here to us to "stash just for a few days". It's been an honor.


Personality:  Blanca is a very sweet mature girl that has a great personality. She is calm and collected, with deep brown eyes that telegraph her mellow spirit. She greatly appreciated the wonderful bath she received upon entering GRR care and was very good during the whole tub experience. Her social manners are great. When she met her GRR foster’s dog, she quickly made fast friends and went on to explore her new “digs”.  Her previous owners report that she is friendly with children and cats, which makes joining a new family much more enjoyable for everyone. Despite her wise perspective on life, the occasional thunderstorm makes her anxious, but a little TLC soothes her fear.

Blanca received a full medical review with GRR, and the vet was impressed with her overall condition, with the exception that she is heartworm positive. She will begin treatment for that shortly.

What a great companion Blanca will be for some lucky family.  She will show her constant appreciation for her new forever home every day.

Ideal Home:    Blanca would be a great addition to a home with a medium level of activity, and she would bring with her a calming aura that is very attractive.  Other pets in the home are all the better for her, as she could pass along some of her wisdom to the younger generation! More details to follow, as she shows her foster parents more of her personality.

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.


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