Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-064

Type of Surrender: SAACF

Status: Available

Age: 4

Weight: 35

Bizzy has been with GRR for a while now so her true personality is now coming out. She has also finished her heartworm treatment! Bizzy Izzy Bee, as GRR nicknamed her, is a tiny little white-blonde Golden mix.

She has been sharing time between her main foster family and a family who takes care of her when the fosters are out of town. She is housebroken, although she has had a couple of accidents in the house since coming to GRR in July. She is happy in a crate but is left free to roam the house when no one is home. She likes to be around children, loving any and all attention given to her.

She is great with her foster family’s other dog, playing constantly and never aggressively. Slobbery faces and necks indicate they probably just engaged in a rousing game of bitey face. She gets really excited when on the leash and meets up with another dog, so this behavior needs a little work. She is content to ignore cats.

Bizzy is a good, calm girl in the house, playing with her stuffies, picking through them to decide which one deserves her attention each time.

Bizzy prefers human attention to playing with a ball! She sleeps through the night either in the living room on her bed in the bedroom.

Bizzy has a great energy level and is very active wherever she is. She doesn’t want to miss a thing. She’s also very relaxed, content to hang out with her people or by herself. She’s clingy, walking almost stuck to her people’s legs when they walk through the house.

Ideal Home: Bizzy would do best in a single-dog or no-dog home. And her forever family must certainly be willing to give her all the love and attention that she craves.



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