Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 
GRR Number: 17-107
Status: Available Soon
Type of Surrender: Stray from Bastrop Shelter
Age: approx 9 months
Weight: 29 lbs
Beaumont came to GRR from the Bastrop shelter where he showed up as a stray just days after hurricane Harvey. Given his poor condition, we can only assume he rode out the storm outdoors or on the streets. Beaumont had obviously been neglected for quite some time despite his young age. He was severely underweight, anemic, limping, had a heart murmur, and a bad case of mange, which left him missing most of his fur and covered in scabs. At 8 months old, 24 lbs and half bald, it was hard to tell if he was a true golden retriever or not but given his sad state GRR stepped in and immediately took him in anyway. Beaumont has been with us for over a month now and he is growing his fur quickly. His mites, scabs, and heart murmur are gone and he is quickly gaining weight.
While he may not be a full golden retriever, he is growing a beautiful full golden coat. He is a pretty typical puppy, constantly wants to play and is full of energy. He keeps his foster brother and sister very busy wrestling for hours in the back yard. His past life of neglect has left him with some emotional scars though, as he is unsure of new places and experiences. His foster parents are working with him to teach him all about the wonderful life as a Gold Ribbon dog and he is still in the process of adjusting to such a big change. 
Overall, Beaumont is a happy, playful dog that loves people and other dogs.  Despite Beaumont's young age he is 100% house trained and has only had a single accident in the house! He has recently figured out the doggy door at his foster home and loves to go outside and run around to chase squirrels and roll in the grass. As a typical puppy he loves to chew! He has steered clear of furniture, but will attack a shoe or sock if given the chance. Lots of toys and nylabones help keep this puppy happy. He is just starting to learn leash manners but does enjoy walks with the family. Given his small size Beaumont enjoys being a 'lap dog' and will crawl right onto your lap and lay down. He is a great cuddler! 
Stay tuned for more updates as Beaumont continues to heal and adjust to his new life.
Ideal Home: Beaumont would do well in a multi-dog home where his new siblings could help show him the ropes and be willing to play with an energetic puppy for extended amounts of time. Beaumont could use some basic training, socialization and additional work to overcome his timidity.  Due to his condition Beaumont has not been introduced to cats or children yet, but hopefully will be soon.
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