Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-088

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In - Austin

Status: Available

Age: 10

Weight: 50

Personality: Beloved Baxter. What more can be said about this perfect, sweet, golden senior?

Baxter comes to GRR through owner surrender and is looking for the perfect family to snuggle with. Snuggling is his favorite and he will encourage you to drop whatever you’re doing to get even more snuggle time in. He even has a quirky habit of wiggling his way onto your lap whenever he wants more cuddles… he just can’t get enough!

Baxter is a perfect gentleman and very used to living the indoor life. He is house-trained and well behaved around food... though he will beg just a little bit. Who could resist? He takes treats fairly gently and very much enjoys his walks. He also loves to play fetch, though he’s not really keen on giving up the ball he just worked so hard to get! While he is not crate-trained, he does sleep easily throughout the night (preferably snuggled up next to you!)

Ideal Home: This boy is a senior and is more into relaxing than going on great adventures. He really just wants a family to be around and snuggle with as much as possible! He’s not particularly interested in playing with other dogs or cats, really just spending more time with you. If you are looking for another member of the family that you can dedicate your time and cuddles to, Baxter is your boy!

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