Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-116

Type of Surrender: PVAC stray

Status: Available Soon

Age: 7

Weight: 59

Barbs came in from the Palm Valley Animal Center with her companion, George. She was in pretty rough shape – emaciated with bad skin and some hip issues. She has been with GRR for over two months now working on getting healthy, so she can find a forever home.

Personality: Barbs has been sweet and loving since day one, despite her issues. She is perfectly housebroken and roams free around the house without being crated.

She is extremely happy around other dogs. She does bark at the household cat but is quickly put in her place!

She pulls a little on the leash, anxious to see what’s around the next corner. She does sleep a lot and seems to be a “collector”, gathering random things from the house to add to her private stash.

Barbs is lucky in that she does not have any issues with thunderstorms or fireworks. She probably figures she's seen worse things than that in her past life.

She sleeps through the night and eats well without being the least bit protective. Toys don’t seem to be her thing yet and she’s pretty low energy. But Barbs does love to be groomed. Anything for attention from her humans! She’s a big cuddler and is extremely well-behaved.

Ideal Home: She struggles moving around on and getting up and down from slippery tile or wooden floors so she needs a home carpet, or a trail of rubber backed rugs to help her get traction. She likes the company of other dogs and may be lonely without a companion.

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